This is a blog about beans.

I’m Heather. I started eating a much more high-fiber diet a few months ago (fall of 2020), and have found myself obsessed with beans since then. When one is obsessed the natural next step is to start a blog, so here we are!

I’d never enjoyed cooking very much, but as part of this new hobby (?!?) I’ve accumulated quite a collection of recipes about beans. Looking forward to cooking and sharing here!

You can also follow me on twitter at @researchremix.

More on the high-fibre thing

Yup so I’m aiming for about 35g of fibre per day (tracking with MyFitnessPal). At the moment I’m also keeping calories down at about 1400/day, to help me lose some weight. Has been working well, while keeping me feeling full.

And I also love that high-fibre eating is correlated with good health outcomes, eating less meat, and saving money!

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Cofounder of @our_research, the nonprofit behind Unsub, Unpaywall, and other tools to power open science. she/her. Adore cookies+cycling+reading+my fam. https://twitter.com/researchremix

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