Akara (Nigerian black-eyed pea Fritters)

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Yesterday I made some West African black-eyed pea fritters. Used this recipe for Akara (aka Accara) with Kanni (this recipe) on the side. Very tasty, rave reviews from everyone.

Was a bit challenging to make. I used too much water in the batter, I cut the onions too big, and my oil was too shallow and too hot. Fixed it all, mostly, by putting the batter in the blender to chop the onions smaller, then drained out as much water as I could and added some chickpea flour to give it a bit more holding power.

They didn’t end up looking like the recipe (mine were more patty-shaped than ball-shaped) but they had a great flavour and fresh taste.

The Kanni was great too — spicy and vinegary. I used 3 hot peppers which might have been too many. I have a lot of leftover Nokkos (Senegalese garlic paste) in the fridge because I didn’t realize the recipe made much more than was needed.

A neat thing about this recipe was it said to beat the bean batter till it got light and frothy. I didn’t know what that would look like, but I got out my whisk and started. Sure enough, it frothed up. Reminded me of the magic of whipping cream that I’d experienced the day before 🙂

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