Black Eyed Peas with Fresh Dill, Olive Oil and Orange Slices

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I read about this traditional recipe from Crete. Very different flavour profile than I normally cook, so I thought would be a fun experiment. The recipe author published a slightly modified version for the Instant Pot, so I followed that recipe (I have a multi-cooker electric pressure cooker. It came out before Instant Pots were all the rage. The Hipster Instant Pot).

My daughter likes her black-eyed peas soft, we have discovered in the last few weeks, so after it was done pressure cooking I let it keep simmering on High Slow Cooker setting for another hour, which definitely softened up the beans and decreased the amount of spare liquid in the recipe.

It wasn’t clear in the recipe but I interpreted “2 slices orange” as “2 oranges, sliced” and just cut them into eighths as if we were going to eat them as a snack. Afterwards when eating, we just dodged around the left-over peels the same way we dodged the bay leaf.

Anyway I kinda liked it. My daughter and husband thought it was just ok, and I must admit I liked it less as leftovers than I did initially. So probably won’t make again.

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