Black-eyed Pea recipe round-up

Believe it or not my family didn’t get tired of eating black eyed peas. I’d found really diverse recipes, I think that helped. Also they were just plain tasty! (And my family is good sports 🙂 )

We ate black eyed-peas all January. 31 days, 35 recipes. Ok 32 days because I started on Dec 31st. Anyway, a whole lotta black eyed peas! Hopefully we’ve gotten 2021 off to a lucky start 🙂

If you are looking for a recap of what I’ve learned, here it is:

Cook dried black eyed peas in a pressure cooker for 28 minutes on high (or 25 minutes if you score them from a place like Rancho Gordo where they are relatively recently picked), and then do a natural pressure release. Basically, cook them a bit longer than many places recommend to make sure they are good and creamy. Add about 3 cups of water to the pressure cooker for every cup of beans, plus 1 Tbsp olive oil, and 1 Tbsp salt. Add other things too if you want, but that’s enough to make it good.

As for favourite recipes? The winner is Texas Bean Bake With Ground Beef — sweet BBQ sauce does it for my family every time.

I then ran through the list of what we ate — here are the ones where one of my fam yelled out “oh yeah baby” when reminded of it:

And when I just look back at them all, here are some favs:

Yummy salads, will make again

Yummy desserts, will make again

Yummy snack, will make again

Yummy interesting, will make again

Yummy comfy, will make again

I’ve never cooked so much bacon, or so many Indian curries, or so many delicious meals all in one month.

I think that’s a wrap! Happy black-eyed pea cooking and eating!

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