Lobia tikki

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Made some black-eyed pea fritters that were a lot like Akara, but Indian instead of West African. They are made of already-cooked chickpeas, so had a bit of a smoother, less-fresh taste. Great flavour though, especially with the chutney.

I forgot to add the chickpea flour initially (I think it is mentioned in the instructions but missed on the ingredients list) so the first ones didn’t hold together. So make sure you add some gram (chickpea) flour (or I bet wheat flour would work too).

The chutney of yogurt and mint and cumin was a revelation — went great with the fritters and tasted savory, despite so much mint. I didn’t blend mine, just chopped the mint. Anyway, was great.

Should I mark this as a favourite? It wasn’t the absolute best thing I’ve made this month but it was really good and I’d like to make it again, I think I will.

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