Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Quesadillas

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I love hot-sauce-flavoured things, so this recipe caught my eye.

Although it wasn’t the main reason we started eating more beans, I am glad that eating more beans means we tend to eat less meat. (To be fair, I think I’ve never eaten as much bacon as I did during Black Eyed Pea cooking month, but other than that.) And so while it isn’t a goal to eat vegetarian or vegan right now, I am glad of the opportunities it puts in front of me to expand my horizons.

This was a recipe that did that, especially the cheese sauce made of cashews and yogurt. It wasn’t my favourite out of the gate, but I’m glad I tried it.

This recipe tasted much better in its final version than its component parts.

The tip to push down on the quesadillas with another fry pan to make them dense and crispy is a great one.

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