Instant Pot Kala Chana

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Did you know there are black chickpeas? They feature in some Indian (Kala Chana) and Italian (Cece Nero) dishes. I bought some from an Indian grocery store and used them for this recipe.

I forgot to soak them, but usually you can fix that by just increasing the pressure cooker length a bit. Unfortunately since this was my first time I was eating black chickpeas I didn’t know if their density when I was done was correct (they are supposed to be denser than our normal chickpeas) or if they weren’t cooked enough yet. Being worried we would have sore tummies later definitely made this curry a little less enjoyable.

It was also a bit watery though. I think I’m learning that a curry that uses a pressure cooker to cook the beans with a bunch of tomatoes often turns out too watery for our tastes.

We did add some frozen paneer (Indian grocery store again) which I really enjoyed.

Anyway, probably won’t make this one again, and will steer clear of tomato curries in the pressure cooker for a bit I think.

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