These are a few of our favourite beans

As mentioned in the previous post, I cooked 301 distinct bean recipes during 2021, and my family rated each of them out of five. There were 113 fives — and here they are 🙂

Sorry this format isn’t better — was the best I could do in a short time. When you click on the recipe name it’ll take you to my “PlanToEat” page (PlanToEat is the software I used all year to keep my recipes in order and meal plan and make grocery lists and stuff, I really like it),

and from there you can click through to the actual recipe itself.

So with no further ado, our 5/5 bean recipes from a year of bean cooking:

1 Akara (Nigerian Beans Fritters)cheflolaskitchen.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite vegan vegetarian
2 Crisped Chickpeas in Spicy Brown Buttercooking.nytimes.comCHICKPEAS HeatherFavourite KiraFavourite vegetarian
3 Toasty Pumpkin Chickpea Frittershealthyhappylife.comCHICKPEAS vegan vegetarian
4 Snickerdoodle Chickpea Smoothiehummusapien.comCHICKPEAS vegetarian
5 Blueberry Bean Banana Breadeatsbyapril.comOTHER WHITE BEANS vegan vegetarian
Dessert: Bars
6 Apple Crisp with Kidney Beanscvbean.comKIDNEY BEANS HeatherFavourite JohnFavourite vegetarian
7 Chickpea-Tahini Blondiescookinglight.comCHICKPEAS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
8 Mexican Spice Adzuki Bean Fudgeaffairsofliving.comADZUKI BEANS KiraFavourite vegan vegetarian
Dessert: Cake
9 Chocolate cake with azuki fillingred-violet.comADZUKI BEANS vegan vegetarian
10 Idaho’s Spicy Bean Cakeusdrybeans.comPINTO BEANS vegetarian
11 Matcha Swiss Roll with Azuki Creamcookpad.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
12 Orange Spice Garbanzo Cakeallrecipes.comCHICKPEAS vegetarian
13 Pear Dump Cakeitsalwaysautumn.comOTHER WHITE BEANS vegetarian
14 Raspberry Yellow Dump cakeOTHER WHITE BEANS vegetarian
15 Spiced Apple & Lentil Skillet Cakelentils.orgLENTILS vegetarian
16 Sweet Vanilla Pea Cake with Lemon Frostingveggiedesserts.comGREEN PEAS vegetarian
17 With Beans! Eric Akis: Pumpkin cheesecake a Thanksgiving crowd-pleasertimescolonist.comBLACK BEANS vegetarian
Dessert: Cookies
18 Bean Cookies with Cardamom & Pistachiocookforyourlife.orgCANNELLINI BEANS vegetarian
19 Breakfast Bean Cookiesfood.comKIDNEY BEANS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
20 Chocolate Pea Cookiestheleangreenbean.comGREEN PEAS vegetarian
21 Chocolate apple bean oat cookiesgood-looks-ca.comBLACK BEANS vegan vegetarian
22 Deep Dish Cookie Piechocolatecoveredkatie.comCHICKPEAS PINTO BEANS JohnFavourite vegan vegetarian
23 Ginger and Chocolate Cannellini Bean Cookiesreadersdigest.caCANNELLINI BEANS vegetarian
24 Navy Bean Chocolate Chip Cookieswholesomelyhannah.netOTHER WHITE BEANS navy
25 No Rules Black-eye Peas Cookiescaribbeanhomeeconomist.orgBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
26 Nutella Stuffed Black Bean Cookiesgrouprecipes.comBLACK BEANS KiraFavourite vegetarian
27 Peanut Butter Stuffed Black Bean Cookiesrunningtothekitchen.comBLACK BEANS JohnFavourite vegetarian
28 Power Cookiesallrecipes.comCANNELLINI BEANS vegan vegetarian
29 Red Bean Rugelachseriouseats.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
30 Soft Sweet Red Bean Paste Crinkle Cookieswhattocooktoday.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
31 Sweet Red Bean Cookiesthehungarybuddha.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
32 Vegan Meringue (Airy and Perfect!)lovingitvegan.comCHICKPEAS KiraFavourite vegan vegetarian
Dessert: Muffins
33 Chocolate Black Bean Blender Muffinskristineskitchenblog.comBLACK BEANS vegetarian
Dessert: Other
34 Aquafaba Swiss Buttercream Recipegretchensveganbakery.comCHICKPEAS vegetarian
35 Caterpillar Red Bean Bunselmundoeats.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
36 Honey Pecan White Bean Bread Puddingalbertapulse.comCANNELLINI BEANS vegetarian
37 Nutella Black Bean Pudding with Cool Whipalbertapulse.comBLACK BEANS vegan vegetarian
38 Vietnamese Sweet Rice & Bean Pudding (Che Dau Trang)forkfingerschopsticks.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
Dessert: Pie
39 Black Eyed Pea Pecan Pietastykitchen.comBLACK EYED PEAS vegetarian
40 Blapple Piecamelliabrand.comBLACK BEANS vegetarian
41 Mock Pumpkin Piecvbean.comKIDNEY BEANS HeatherFavourite JohnFavourite KiraFavourite vegetarian
Main Course
42 Arancini piemore.ctv.caGREEN PEAS JohnFavourite
43 Bean Dough Pizzacbc.caOTHER WHITE BEANS vegan vegetarian
44 Belizean Rice and Beansallrecipes.comKIDNEY BEANS vegetarian
45 Black Bean Burgershttp://www.bykriscampbell.comBLACK BEANS
46 Black Eyed Peas and Greens Stuffed Bunssavoryspin.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
47 Black Eyed Peas with Cornbread Dumplingsjoythebaker.comBLACK EYED PEAS JohnFavourite
48 Black-Eyed Pea Pieallrecipes.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite KiraFavourite
49 Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk and Ethiopian Spicesfoodandwine.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
50 Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchilada Skilletambitiouskitchen.comBLACK BEANS HeatherFavourite JohnFavourite vegetarian
51 Cabbage, Sausage and White Bean Casserolewashingtonpost.comCANNELLINI BEANS JohnFavourite
52 Cheesy Chickpea Meltsthekitchn.comCHICKPEAS vegetarian
53 Cheesy White Bean-Tomato Bakecooking.nytimes.comOTHER WHITE BEANS vegetarian
54 Cheesy, Creamy Black-Eyed Peasfood52.comBLACK EYED PEAS
55 Chef Oren’s Easy Lemon Bean Pastalivenaturallymagazine.comCANNELLINI BEANS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
56 Chickpea Shawarma Wrapsloveandlemons.comCHICKPEAS vegetarian
57 Coconut Kidney Bean Curryliveeatlearn.comKIDNEY BEANS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
58 Corn and Kidney Bean Tacoskraftcanada.caKIDNEY BEANS vegetarian
59 Cowboy Calico Beanstasteofhome.comPINTO BEANS JohnFavourite
60 Crisp Gnocchi With Brussels Sprouts and Brown Buttercooking.nytimes.comOTHER WHITE BEANS navy
61 Crock Pot Pork Roast and White Beansthesouthernladycooks.comOTHER WHITE BEANS navy
62 Cuban Black Beansfoodandwine.comBLACK BEANS vegan vegetarian
63 Dave’s Georgia Black Eyed Peasallrecipes.comBLACK EYED PEAS
64 Easy Pantry Mujaddaracookieandkate.comLENTILS vegetarian
65 Easy chilli con carnebbcgoodfood.comKIDNEY BEANS HeatherFavourite
66 Egyptian Lentils, Rice & Pasta (Koshari)eatingwell.comLENTILS HeatherFavourite vegan vegetarian
67 Ethiopian Lentil Stew (with berbere)africanbites.comLENTILS HeatherFavourite vegan vegetarian
68 Garbanzos Guisadas (Puerto Rican Stewed Beans)delishdlites.comCHICKPEAS
69 Green Enchilada Casseroleparade.comBLACK BEANS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
70 Gujarati Chawli Curry (Lobia)spiceupthecurry.comBLACK EYED PEAS vegan vegetarian
71 How To Elevate Boxed Mac and Cheesewellandfull.comPINTO BEANS vegetarian
72 Jamaican Black-eyed Pea Currythecuriouschickpea.comBLACK EYED PEAS vegetarian
73 Jamaican Rice and Peas (Coconut Rice and Beans)curiouscuisiniere.comKIDNEY BEANS vegetarian
74 Layered Mexican Casserole with Chicken and Pinto Beanspunchfork.comPINTO BEANS
75 Lazy perogies with pureed beansglobalnews.caOTHER WHITE BEANS great northern
76 Lebanese White Bean Stew with Meat (Fasolia bi lahme)zaatarandzaytoun.comCANNELLINI BEANS
77 Lentil Bolognaiseseriouseats.comLENTILS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
78 Let’s Make Easy Salmon and Pea Risottoerrenskitchen.comGREEN PEAS HeatherFavourite
79 Loaded Sweet Potato Nacho Frieseatingwell.comBLACK BEANS vegetarian
80 Masoor Dal (Spiced Red Lentils)cooking.nytimes.comLENTILS vegan vegetarian
81 Mexican molé chickenpointedkitchen.comKIDNEY BEANS
82 Minced Beef with Black-Eyed Beans (Keema)allrecipes.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite KiraFavourite
83 One Pan Gnocchi With Sundried Tomatoes and White Beanssweetpeasandsaffron.comCANNELLINI BEANS vegetarian
84 One-Pot Coconut Mung Bean Stewmakingthymeforhealth.comMUNG BEANS HeatherFavourite
85 Pasta With Blackeye Salsacalbeans.orgBLACK EYED PEAS vegan vegetarian
86 Pasta e Ceci (Pasta and Chickpeas)smittenkitchen.comCHICKPEAS HeatherFavourite vegan vegetarian
87 Smoky pulled pork stew with beans, peppers, and orange gremolatarealfood.tesco.comCANNELLINI BEANS JohnFavourite
88 Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leavessaveur.comBLACK EYED PEAS vegan vegetarian
89 Spring Pea and Bacon Flatbreadsoutherncastiron.comGREEN PEAS
90 Sticky Sesame Lentil Meatballs with Peanutsfoodbymaria.comLENTILS HeatherFavourite JohnFavourite KiraFavourite vegan vegetarian
91 Sweet Potato Adzuki Bean Burger Gameday Slidersveganricha.comADZUKI BEANS vegetarian
92 Tex Mex Black Eyed Pea Casserolerecipegirl.comBLACK EYED PEAS
93 Texas Bean Bake With Ground Beefthespruceeats.comBLACK EYED PEAS PINTO BEANS
94 The Best Classic Chili Recipethewholesomedish.comKIDNEY BEANS
95 The Many Lives of Roberto, a Soupnewyorker.comANY BEANS HeatherFavourite JohnFavourite
96 Vegan White Bean “Chicken” Parmesanrabbitandwolves.comCANNELLINI BEANS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
97 Vij’s Green Onion and Curried Chickpeasdearlove.caCHICKPEAS vegan vegetarian
98 White Beans and Sausagesimplyrecipes.comCANNELLINI BEANS
99 Yellow Curry and Pineapple Coconut Lime Lentilsvegetariantimes.comLENTILS HeatherFavourite vegetarian
100 Chickpea Saladnatashaskitchen.comCHICKPEAS vegan vegetarian
101 Lobia Chaatplattershare.comBLACK EYED PEAS vegan vegetarian
102 Miso and peanut butter chickpea saladamp.theguardian.comCHICKPEAS HeatherFavourite KiraFavourite vegan vegetarian
103 Summer Chickpea Salad with Honey Garlic Lime Vinaigrettehowsweeteats.comCHICKPEAS vegan vegetarian
Snacks and Sandwiches
104 Adzuki Bean Hummus with Coriander and Lemonveganonboard.comADZUKI BEANS vegan vegetarian
105 Roasted Black-Eyed Peasmarisamoore.comBLACK EYED PEAS KiraFavourite vegan vegetarian
106 Roasted Kidney Bean and Chickpea Trail Mixcheaprecipeblog.comKIDNEY BEANS vegan vegetarian
107 Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwichvanillaandbean.comCHICKPEAS vegan vegetarian
108 Black-Eyed Pea Soupallrecipes.comBLACK EYED PEAS HeatherFavourite
109 Chantal’s Red Lentil Soupcooksillustrated.comLENTILS vegetarian
110 French-Onion White Bean Soupfoodandwine.comCANNELLINI BEANS HeatherFavourite KiraFavourite
111 Greek Chickpea soup (Revithia)mygreekdish.comCHICKPEAS HeatherFavourite vegan vegetarian
112 Pinto Bean Soup (Sopa Tarasca)mexicanplease.comPINTO BEANS vegan vegetarian
113 Tuscan White Bean Soup with Baconnospoonnecessary.comCANNELLINI BEANS

Double check the vegan/vegetarian tags (don’t take my word for it).

Enjoy 🙂

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