Greek Chickpea soup recipe (Revithia)

(image credit) It is snowing outside, which made it a great day for this soup. It was fantastic. I made it with chickpeas I’d cooked in the pressure cooker — 4 cups cooked, added a bit of the cooking water to a pot with the onion that I’d fried a bit, a bit more water,Continue reading “Greek Chickpea soup recipe (Revithia)”

Healing Lemongrass Chickpea Thai Green Curry

(image credit) I really liked this Thai-inspired curry and would want to make it again but my other eaters were a little less enthusiastic — they liked it but they weren’t blown away. We did all think the chickpeas went really well with the other flavors. I’d never cooked with lemongrass before, and this stumpedContinue reading “Healing Lemongrass Chickpea Thai Green Curry”

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

(image credit) You have to admit this is a good-looking cookie. Alas I the flavour wasn’t great, I think the peanut butter was distracting. Mixing the melted chocolate into smashed chickpeas worked pretty well though, so maybe I could add some butter instead of the peanut butter? Does feel like it has promise. I amContinue reading “Double Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Chickpea Salad With Lemon, Parmesan, and Fresh Herbs

(image credit) In contrast to two other fantastic salads this week (one, two), this one was disappointing. Was it because I’d used canned chickpeas instead of dry ones that I’d lovingly cooked in my pressure cooker? (4 cups water + 1.5 tsp salt for every cup of chickpeas, 61 minutes on high then natural release)Continue reading “Chickpea Salad With Lemon, Parmesan, and Fresh Herbs”

Chickpea Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

(image credit the author CC0) Growing up my mum often made cookies — we used to laugh they were so packed full of healthy things they hardly held together. I was hungry for those again, so I modified this recipe to include rolled oats, subbed the chocolate chips for raisins (sacrilege I know), added someContinue reading “Chickpea Oatmeal Raisin Cookies”